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20 January
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It's only,my world
I don't have regrets.

what I gained is a fantasy world
& lost touch with reality

About me Real name Stella, 22 years old, but still youthfull in heart. Open-minded. Hopeless romantic. A serious Math student in the morning, an obsessed fangirl at night, the kind of fangirl who her fandoms. A daydreaming girl. A Bingeul Bingeul music lover. .

Oh My God Sun!.This line is my slogan.I just love kpop bands,i could spazzing over them for ages.And i'm a typical T.H. fangirl,Bill kaulitz is the most incredible person/diva i've ever seen,and i love him for this.His beauty must be illegal,don't you agree?Also, dancing is like breathing for me.I've heard many people talk about it before,but only some know what i'm taliking about.You don't dance because you want to,you dance because you need to.So as long as i can,i'm gonna keep on dancing

Fandoms dance/pop music, endless fanfiction reading, listening T.H., dancing, choreographing, drinking soda, watching movies, eating noodles, getting more and more addicted in korean boy-bands.

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